BriteGate T8 LED Light Tube

Model: T84F18W1600L | T84F18W1800L | T84F28W2600L

.BriteGate Brochure Size : 2.85MB[download]

Advance Design

A Robust Designs With Unique Value Proposition (Uvp) & Superior Price Performance Value (Ppv)

Beside being an energy-saving T8 LED tube with build-in quality, durability, good electrical are potical performance by certified accredited test lab, which are the fundamental value propositions. It has to have good price-performance value, eg. good overall performance value at competitive price.

BriteGate is continuously striving for delivering higher value to our valued customer and is readily positioned to become “your Perferred Alternative in LED Lighthing” View T8 LED Light specifications here!

Key Features

Typical Analogue
LED Driver Unit

Brite Gate Digital
LED Driver Unit

Installation Guide

  1. Disconnect all the main supply to the lamp holder before start of any retrofit / installation
  2. Remove diffuser (if applicable_ and fluorescent lamp.
  3. Open / Remove Wiring Compartment Cover.
  4. Cut off all wires which connected to ballast.
  5. Connect one wire from each lamp holder together.
  6. Connect one wire from the lamp holder to branch circuit L (Live wire) and the other wire at the opposite end to the Branch Circuit N (Neutral wire).
  7. Close up wiring compartment.
  8. Install LED T8 tube.
  9. Switch on power.
  10. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each additional tube / fixture based on illustration at the side.
T8 LED 18W 1600L
Light Tube
T8 LED 18W 1800L
Light Tube
T8 LED 28W 2600L
Light Tube


Light Tube