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Company Background

LED Lighting specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of indoor LED lighting products such as bulbs, candle lights, tubes, circular tubes, down lights, etc.

LED Lighting offers advanced, efficient, ultra long life and ultra long life and environmentally friendly high power LED lighting solutions. Our strength lies in the ability to customize most of our products to ensure customers receive optimum results, be it in the fields of Entertainment, Commercial, Solar or Industrial.

Made in Malaysia, the products are certified to be of good quality, having completed all lab tests and obtaining approval from Green Tag Malaysia, Tenaga Malaysia, SIRIM (equivalent of SISIR Singapore) and JKR. In Singapore, LED Lighting was awarded the Singapore Green Building Product Certificate by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) for our excellent product, LED Luminairies.

Not only are we safe and easy to operate, we are also energy efficient and eco-friendly. Our vision is to provide the latest breakthrough technology in LED lighting while protecting the Earth!

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Why LED Lighting?

Why Choose Us?

This LED is termed as a breakthrough in the industry as is energy-saving, durable, good optimal performance, eco-friendly and safe (free from mercury) and so far, there is no other LED fluorescent tube as good as the ones uniquely and practically designed by BriteGate. It has proven energy efficiency which will result in astronomical savings in any business settings, for eg.carpark which uses many tubes, shopping malls, HDB, factories and the possibilities are unlimited. Due to Digital IC technology, no E-capacitor is needed, thus enabling longer and consistent lifespan as well as excellent performance.